How to Pick Your Hair Color

Changing your hair color can either be pretty simple or extremely hard. Picking a hair color off the top of your head is rather easy. However, this should not be your approach to a hair color change, even if it is temporary. Unfortunately, even for temporary hair color, people will still see any crazy color you end up picking for a few days or weeks before you can change it back completely. It gets more intense with semi-permanent and permanent hair color. You need to go to hair salon for these services.

Before you change the hair color or a whim, you need to take some time to carefully consider and pick a hair color that will meet your need as well as look good. You can also visit nail salon in Ann Arbor anytime. To do this, you need to consider a number of things including:

Skin Tone

Unfortunately, we have to admit that not everyone is able to pull off any type of hair color. If you have warm undertones, you would look better in certain colors which may not look as good for people with a cool undertone and vice versa. While hair color change can be radical, it also needs to be reasonable. If you are on the darker side, for example, it would not be a good idea to have hot pink hair with streaks of navy blue as an option. If, on the other hand, you are on the lighter side, it would not be a good idea to have very bright colors as they could end up looking like a disaster. You can fine best Ann Arbor salons here.


Would you believe that your wardrobe should also influence your color choice? The thing about the color you choose to have is that it might not work with everything or even anything in your closet. If, for example, your wardrobe is full of hot pink clothes and accessories, it would be unusual to opt for a color like yellow. While this might look good to some people, it cannot be considered appropriate color scheme for the office if you have a desk-job career. You would have to reconsider your wardrobe choices or forgo the hair color change. If, however, you have neutral colors such as grey, black and white in your closet, you are able to pick more colors since it is easy to work the hair color change into your look.

Test Drive

Finally, always take your color-to-be on a test drive. Buy a wig or a weave that is in that color and wear it for a while. See how it looks on you, get input from your friends and family and watch how people react. If you do not like the color, it gives you time to change your mind and pick another one which you may like. If it ends up looking good and getting a thumbs up from others, then you can proceed to color your hair. You can also do the test drive using hair braids and other extensions. Additionally, if you work in a strict environment, it allows you to slowly introduce the idea of a hair color change to superiors and colleagues.