Box Braids

A box braid is the most common style when it comes to braid extensions. It was a staple for the longest time, especially for people who do not know how or have time to take care of their hair. The popularity of the box braid also rests in the fact that you can wear the style for both casual and official situations.

What is a Box Braid?

A box braid is similar to a three-strand braid on your own hair. Whether it is a fish tail, goddess crown, Dutch or a French braid, you need to have three sections of your hair to braid. A box braid uses the same three-strand concept. The only difference is that it is not done as a conrow but rather as free-standing. To install the braid, you section off your hair, divide it into three sections then grip the braid extension together with your hair from the root. This is then three-strand braided to the end.

People have different preferences. Some prefer thin box braids while other prefer them thick and chunky. The foundation of the braid, does, however, has to be the same. In fact, the braid derives its name from the fact that the hair is sectioned off at the scalp in the shape of a square or a box.

How to Style Them

Once you have your box braid in, you need to know how to style them. This transforms your style, making it seem different every time. For those who do not like monotony, this helps you feel that you have a different look.

To style the braids, you can opt for high or low pony tails. You could also untie the braids and leave the ends loose along your back. Another option would be to have a high, low or side bun which you can dress with a colorful or bold hair band. Additionally, you can conrow the braids into a halo or crown braid. Each styling pattern will depend on the look you would like to achieve.

Finally, you can use different bands, hair clips, bobby pins or install hair jewelry such as silver or gold-plated hair cuffs. These accessories give the hairstyle a boost of life especially when you have had the braids in for long.

How to Take Care of Them

Taking care of box braids is simple. You can have a routine moisturizing session where you spray with water or leave in conditioner and seal in with coconut, olive or any other oil that you use on your hair. This helps to keep your hair moisturized, healthy and shiny. Additionally, you can loosen your ponytail and use a satin scarf when sleeping to retain this moisture as well as reduce tension on the scalp and hair breakage.


Box braids are fun because they are simple to install and versatile when it comes to styling them. If you have short hair you can even cut off long braids after you have had them for a while and burn the ends to seal them. This can make people think you have a whole different style. Basically, there is a lot to do with box braids once you know how to style and take care of them.