Good Qualities in a Nail Artist

Whenever you set out to a nail salon, you want to get the best service available. The first thing is to find a good salon. The next is to find someone talented to work on your nails to make them as beautiful as possible. In order to do the latter, you need to assess your potential nail artist for qualities such as:


You cannot substitute cleanliness for anything. Before checking out how clean the nail salon is, you first need to investigate how clean your nail artist or manicurist is. Are their nails clean? Do they wash their hands after attending to a customer? Do they wear gloves as they touch different people’s feet and hands? Is their hair neat or unkempt? All this says a lot about the person as a professional. It also helps you gauge the likelihood of getting a disease or infection from using their services.

After personal cleanliness, check the state of the nail salon and the working space. These should also be spotless. The tools used on different customers should be thoroughly washed and disinfected before use on another customer. Always remember: whatever you see your manicurist do to other customers is what they will do to you as well.


You cannot be a manicurist or deal with nails professionally if you are not creative. There are different shapes that one can aim for as they file their nails. There are many patterns, concepts and drawings that you can have on your nails. Your manicurist should be skilled and trained in different strokes and art so that they can make your nails according to your instructions and maintain high quality each time.

Apart from the usual designs that everyone gets, you would also like someone who tries out new things that they have thought of. This is especially important if you have a white collar job which limits your freedom of expression when it comes to things such as your nails. You would want a person who is able to make those little, unique, noticeable and classy changes that allow you to have the best of both worlds.


One of the best qualities in a nail artist should be patience. When the person doing your manicure and pedicure is patient, you are sure that they will adequately handle every nook and cranny flawlessly. You are also assured that any patterns or art that you would like on your nails will be flawless. Impatient people will rush the job, thereby increasing the chances of messing up and the need to start over, which can be time-consuming. On the other hand, someone who is patient will follow through slowly but surely, ensuring that your art is to the tee, which is something every client wants.

With these qualities, you will get the best out of the person who handles your nails. You are always assured that your nail appointment will yield awesome results that you can proudly wear for a considerable period of time to come. It also always assures you that your money is well spent.